Jun. 30th, 2009 12:26 am
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My old journal CSS from insanejournal won't work on this one, and I so don't know CSS.
Eugh..guess I'm stuck with the ugly regular themes for now.
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Guuuyyyysss, I really want to work in a morgue. 
The living are such a hassle. 

I just want a labcoat, and to stay in a basement all day, cleaning gunk off the sliding draw things. D: funeral homes even have morgues?
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I've been wanting to make an organized list of every plot idea or character that's popped into my head and refused to leave fo whatever reason.  Mostly to make myself feel like I'm doing something productive.  Plots come first. 

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Yesterday, every childhood fantasy I've ever had about Halloween was fulfilled.  Sort of.  Could of done with fewer people.  Still, very, very awesome night.   Of course we didn't get there until nine because of the stupid zombie swarm.  I'm  pretty sure that the Bus company people were about to break out the tear gas and guns, except by then the only people left were those of us much to mature and terrified to wade into that mob and get trampled.  

And even if we got there three hours late, we still managed to hit most of the mazes.  

And , internets, it was like being a heathen all your life only to see the face of god.  Red mist, blue mist, skeletons and torn drapery hanging off every available hanging spot.  Weirdly coincidental thumping music that sounded like the kind they play as people are led to their doom in movies about giant apes and pirates as we were lining up to get in. 

Most of my pictures came out blurry and I don't care, it was just that awesome.  And I didn't get back until three in the morning, and was entirely not tired.

I bought the soundtrack too.  Best $12 spent ever. 

Blurry pictures are here.
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And the start of October once again signals the start of my yearly search for the Best Halloween Neighborhood Ever.  I visited this place once, for all of an hour over six years ago, with friends I no longer speak too, for Halloween.  It stands out mostly because in my spotty-at-best memory that can't remember what happened in the comic I read last week, because most of that night is wonderfully clear and in detail.  

Almost every house had decorations!  There must have been at least five full-blown haunted houses!  So many people jumped out at us from behind cardboard graveyards and fake-cobwebbed trees that by the end of the night I was full desensitized and didn't even notice the guy with the claw gloves in front of me!  There were jack-o-lanterns, old houses, and giant old trees blocking out every street light...and it was STILL safe to cut through alleys. 

The only thing I can't remember is where the bloody hell this neighborhood was! 

Gah..back to Googlemaps.

I don't suppose anyone out there knows a good neighborhood to trick-or-treat in, in Toronto?
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After nearly a month...I did it. Agonising, deleted paragraphs and several weeks of just staring at a blank Word document, and forcing several friends to read it and reread it and tell me several times that "Yes, it's fine, now SEND IT and buy your own food", and I finished it. 
I can't do anything about my resume. I have limited skills that could apply to this job, and frankly, I've never once accomplished anything. Unless you count running Quizno's out of business, but that was a group effort. 
I'm still terrified. Out of my mind. In a mere matter of hours people will be reading it, judging it, marking every grammar and spelling mistake, or even how far apart I spaced things (God I'm regretting doing that to hopeful employees at Quizno's now!). 
And what if I sent it to the wrong email address? What if I misspelled the CEO's name? 

Fuck that..what if I get an interview? .__.;

It can't be helped, I can't work retail, and Lord knows I'll die (or at least, sleep) in Uni!

*clicks the "Send" button*

*tiny, pitiful squeal of terror*

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You'd think somewhere on the internet, someone would have a good (or even a bad one would help) example of a cover letter to a Crime Scene Cleaning company.  No experience sounds so simple.  But how do you tie in your experience working at a fast-food resturant, and a one year art program in college, into cleaning up decomposing bodies and meth labs?  How do you sound enthusiastic about the opportunity to work for them, without coming off as creepy, since even the CEO of the company says they have the worst job in the world? 
How in the heck do you come off as mature, responsible, and able to deal with emotionally stressed victems of crime, without sounding glib towards the whole thing? hour of writing, and all I have is this; 
"As you can see from my attached resume, I have worked in the fast-food industry. As such, this has given me ample experience working in teams, handling emotional people and cleaning up garbage, waste, human bodily fluids and rodent remains."

Maybe in another hour, I'll almost have a paragraph.
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Blast! Once again the cut tags defy me. D<

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Yes..another journal, which no one but me will read, and I'll forget about in a few months. Thus continuing my streak of journal sites I've used and abandoned.
But since this time I've actually figured out how to make it look slightly pretty I might stick around for a bit. >>

Still working on this. I just put up the unedited header image so I could see what it would look like, and try to find some matching background colors for it.

Eugh...I just stumbled across someone's Comic Con photo gallery and saw the Joker figure I've been drooling over the last couple months. And was struck by a very powerful urge to go down to the comic store and apply..despite the fact that it's barely big enough to get two of my friends in, I haven't read an American comic in several years and that my mom will rip my head off if I do. Just..want..Joker figure so much. D: 


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