Oct. 26th, 2008

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Yesterday, every childhood fantasy I've ever had about Halloween was fulfilled.  Sort of.  Could of done with fewer people.  Still, very, very awesome night.   Of course we didn't get there until nine because of the stupid zombie swarm.  I'm  pretty sure that the Bus company people were about to break out the tear gas and guns, except by then the only people left were those of us much to mature and terrified to wade into that mob and get trampled.  

And even if we got there three hours late, we still managed to hit most of the mazes.  

And , internets, it was like being a heathen all your life only to see the face of god.  Red mist, blue mist, skeletons and torn drapery hanging off every available hanging spot.  Weirdly coincidental thumping music that sounded like the kind they play as people are led to their doom in movies about giant apes and pirates as we were lining up to get in. 

Most of my pictures came out blurry and I don't care, it was just that awesome.  And I didn't get back until three in the morning, and was entirely not tired.

I bought the soundtrack too.  Best $12 spent ever. 

Blurry pictures are here.


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