Sep. 26th, 2008

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After nearly a month...I did it. Agonising, deleted paragraphs and several weeks of just staring at a blank Word document, and forcing several friends to read it and reread it and tell me several times that "Yes, it's fine, now SEND IT and buy your own food", and I finished it. 
I can't do anything about my resume. I have limited skills that could apply to this job, and frankly, I've never once accomplished anything. Unless you count running Quizno's out of business, but that was a group effort. 
I'm still terrified. Out of my mind. In a mere matter of hours people will be reading it, judging it, marking every grammar and spelling mistake, or even how far apart I spaced things (God I'm regretting doing that to hopeful employees at Quizno's now!). 
And what if I sent it to the wrong email address? What if I misspelled the CEO's name? 

Fuck that..what if I get an interview? .__.;

It can't be helped, I can't work retail, and Lord knows I'll die (or at least, sleep) in Uni!

*clicks the "Send" button*

*tiny, pitiful squeal of terror*


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