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I've been wanting to make an organized list of every plot idea or character that's popped into my head and refused to leave fo whatever reason.  Mostly to make myself feel like I'm doing something productive.  Plots come first. 

Dead Land
Urban fantasy type thing
The oldest.  A vampire/zombie/thing and werewolf (plus others, though I never decided on any other characters) go on a road trip across an america filled with vampirs, dragons, zombies, whatever mythical beast I feel like putting in it.  I can't decide whether to turn this into a simple slice-of-life comic, but with vampires, or an epic save undead-America from Spike's evil brother.  

Hollow Night
A group of  self-proclaimed villains go on an epic quest to take over the world, while secretly planning to break into the fortress dimension of the gods and burn the cosmic script that dooms them, and all villains to eternal failure.  Of course, this will result in the complete destruction of the world as they know it, so the gods call in an unlikely band of ragtag heroes to stop them.  Like that hasn't been done before.
The only story I have going that isn't set anywhere near the real world, with lots of giant vampire bats and tentacled newt dragons.  Most work done, but I still get hung up on the little details of the plot/ world building. 

It Came From The Divine Sewer!
Random Theme Song:
Also known as Return to the Divine Sewer, Tales From the Divine Sewer, and whatever other cheesy '50's comic title I can think of.
Second newest, with the two creatures Jasper and Eve that have popped up in my dA.  Eco-terrorist shapeshifting demons that feed off pollution and hear the voice of Earth/God, are out to eat and kill every human being on the planet, allowing a new, green world to grow on the bodies of the old.  Obviously, they face resistance, which isn't helped by the very violent and territorial nature of the demons themselves, and the fact that the whole government is out to destroy them as well.  Complete with super-powered teenagers.  Too bad Jasper used to live in one of them, and now they've got it out for him personally.

The only reason I haven't started this one, is because I want it to be insanely, technicolored and bright.  And I lack the markers to do that traditionally, and the patience to do it digitally.  If I get either for Christmas, expect to see this one soon.

Newest, and the one I used for my NaNoWriMo this year.  Sort of a fairy story, with succubusses and a few other creatures, (there was going to be elves, if the story had gone on longer.  If I do this in comic form, I'll include them), but mostly an excuse for me to draw nothing but Halloween.   Basically, Jack the pumpkin headed king of Halloween is murdered, on Halloween, by one of his own guards.  Focuses on one of the guards, who for now, I'm just calling Seth, despite all the other characters having unpronounceable fantasy names.


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