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And the start of October once again signals the start of my yearly search for the Best Halloween Neighborhood Ever.  I visited this place once, for all of an hour over six years ago, with friends I no longer speak too, for Halloween.  It stands out mostly because in my spotty-at-best memory that can't remember what happened in the comic I read last week, because most of that night is wonderfully clear and in detail.  

Almost every house had decorations!  There must have been at least five full-blown haunted houses!  So many people jumped out at us from behind cardboard graveyards and fake-cobwebbed trees that by the end of the night I was full desensitized and didn't even notice the guy with the claw gloves in front of me!  There were jack-o-lanterns, old houses, and giant old trees blocking out every street light...and it was STILL safe to cut through alleys. 

The only thing I can't remember is where the bloody hell this neighborhood was! 

Gah..back to Googlemaps.

I don't suppose anyone out there knows a good neighborhood to trick-or-treat in, in Toronto?


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